--- Comment #12 from Daniel Friesen <> 
2011-01-22 05:24:09 UTC ---
"how" tidy is causing the issue is fairly obvious without even browsing the
code. It sounds like tidy is being run after we insert the editsection tokens,
but before we replace them with real editsection tokens. The editsection tokens
are made in the format <editsection page="..." section="...">...</editsection>
specifically because that's the only way to get the LanguageConverter to treat
the information in the exact way we want it to. However, unfortunately
editsection is not a real html tag, so when tidy sees it before we replace it
with editsection markup (which we want to let be customized) it decides to
strip out the tag part and leave nothing but the heading hint behind, which is
usually the same text as the header's text, leading to that text being
displayed twice instead of having a header and an editsection link.

Now the "solution" is less obvious. Perhaps I'll experiment and see if I can
use something like a mw: or mediawiki: xml/xhtml namespace and use something
like <mw:editsection [...]> instead of <editsection> which is in the default
xhtml/html namespace and trick tidy into leaving those tags alone.

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