--- Comment #15 from Daniel Friesen <> 
2011-01-29 13:14:13 UTC ---
5) Make tidy run on the parser output text each time it's fetched, instead of
running on the text before saving it to the parser output

Though looking at the code we have ParserBeforeTidy and ParserAfterTidy and
trying to remove tidy from Parser::parse might not be totally desirable.

6) Hack up MWTidy so that it replaces things like <mw:editsection> with
something like the parser's UNIQ tokens, runs tidy (making tidy ignore the
tokens) and then replaces the tokens with the original blocks.

May have some effects like making tidy not work inside anything inside a
<mw:...> block, and it might fall apart with nesting, but it's probably the
best option.

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