--- Comment #14 from Thomas Bleher <> 2011-01-29 12:51:53 
UTC ---
Hmm, so there seem to be several ways forward:

1) Modify tidy config and add 'input-xml: yes'
2) Remove $wgUseTidy, and use the non-tidy-mode in MediaWiki
3) Adapt the parser and the LanguageConverter so they can work together,
without interfering with tidy
4) Revert the feature for now

Option 1 sounds a bit dangerous, as tidy is explicitly used to clean up faulty
markup; using an XML parser that doesn't correct errors seems wrong in this
context (The option is described as "This option specifies if Tidy should use
the XML parser rather than the error correcting HTML parser.") That said: I
haven't experimented with this config option, so I may be completely wrong on
this point.

Option 2 seems quite unrealistic (see eg bug 12221 for what can happen without
tidy installed). This change could break page rendering in lots of
"wrong-but-worked-until-now" cases.

I do not know the code well enough to say if option 3 is viable, but from the
comments so far it doesn't seem so easy.

IMHO, it would therefore be best to go for option 4 and revert the changes for
now, until a better solution is found. This would at least make trunk work
again in this common configuration.

Any other options/opinions?

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