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(In reply to comment #17)
> Looking at trunk, you don't need the $wgSessionName, we already set
> $wgCookiePrefix . '_session'. There is one documented instance where we don',
> because we can't. If you have session.auto_start set in your php.ini
> $wgSessionName can't do what it does at all. Setting $wgCookiePath and making
> sure that you don't have session.auto_start off in your config should be
> enough.

I like that, and find it useful, but:

(MW 1.15.1, 1.16.2) Unfortunately, the session name you are referring to is
setup later (in setup.php) and thus not yet available when LocalSettings.php
runs with my - yes, like you, I do not like it - extension HttpAuth code as
mentioned (I mean the early session_start() command). 

Perhaps, other and better Authentication plugins are possible, but not
available for my problem. For the moment, I am very happy to the thorough
explanations, and many useful suggestions to overcome this "non-"problem. I
already fixed my code by adding appropriate settings of 

$wgCookiePath = $wgScriptPath;  // allow per-wiki cookie paths
$wgSessionName = $wgDBname."Session"; // allow per-wiki session names
session_name($wgSessionName); // set up a per-wiki session name

in LocalSettings.php .

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