--- Comment #12 from Derk-Jan Hartman <> 2011-02-19 
16:22:58 UTC ---
summary, on wmf servers, guessMimeType returns 'application/xml' instead of
'image/svg+xml'. guess mimetype calls doGuessMimeType(), which will call

$xml = new XmlTypeCheck(
'' );
var_dump( $xml->wellFormed );

shows the wmf servers as evaluating wellFormed to false. This is not correct
btw, for most of these files, since most are only invalid but are wellformed,
this is a bug in XmlTypeCheck().

Actually, on my own server it even always evaluates to false, but later parts
apparently pick up the slack.

MimeMagic::doGuessMimeType: analyzing head and tail of
/private/var/tmp/phpwMVYQ7 for magic numbers.
DjVuImage::getInfo: not a DjVu file
MimeMagic::guessMimeType: internal type detection failed for
/private/var/tmp/phpwMVYQ7 (.)...
MimeMagic::detectMimeType: magic mime type of /private/var/tmp/phpwMVYQ7:
MimeMagic::guessMimeType: guessed mime type of /private/var/tmp/phpwMVYQ7:
MimeMagic::improveTypeFromExtension: improved mime type for .svg: image/svg+xml
File::getPropsFromPath: /private/var/tmp/phpwMVYQ7 loaded, 5266 bytes,

Internal type detection failed, indicates that doGuessMimeType() has returned
false and detectScript() takes over and selects image/svg+xml for me, but
apparently not on the WMF installation.

I guess in 1.16 something was correcting for this issue for wmf as well, but
now no more...

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