--- Comment #16 from Bryan Tong Minh <> 2011-02-19 
22:28:31 UTC ---
To clarify, for people who have not followed the IRC discussion:
* The original assumption that the non-rendering of certain SVGs was caused by
the new SvgMetadataExtrator was false.
* MimeMagic::doGuessMimeType uses XmlTypeCheck to detect the mime type; this
fails because XmlTypeCheck::wellFormed is set to false when the SVG is
non-validating instead of non-wellformed
* For me and Derk-Jan, the fileinfo pecl extension then detects the file as
image/svg+xml anyway, but at Wikimedia it is detected as application/xml

XmlTypeCheck must be fixed to only check wellformedness.
Additionally, it would be interesting why at Wikimedia there is a difference
between 1.16 and 1.17.

A suggested approach for fixing XmlTypeCheck would be to change
xml_parse_create_ns() into xml_parse_create(), but somebody who understands Xml
properly needs to look at that.

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