--- Comment #4 from Ryan Kaldari <> 2011-02-22 18:34:30 
UTC ---
Personally, I think that pop-up help with links are annoying. The reason is
that the help bubble has to be persistent (either while the cursor is within
the bubble or for a certain delay time) in order for you to be able to click
the link. As pop-up help are frequently activated by accident, this can force
the user into a game of minefield where they have to consciously avoid the help
icons. I don't really see anything in our interface that would require more
than a sentence or two of help text anyway, so I think it would be nicer for
the user if our pop-up help were not persistent (i.e. they disappear as soon as
you move the cursor off the icon). If anything requires more than a sentence or
two of explanation, were probably doing something wrong anyway. For comparison,
Flickr's upload process includes a single pop-up help icon which disaplys 2
sentences to explain what tags are. Nice and simple.

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