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UTC ---
Yes, but making the interface annoying to accommodate the people who want to
write a 5 volume help text doesn't seem sensible to me. The 'minefield'
interface argument is usually used when discussing an over-abundance of pop-up
menus or pop-up ads (which are both persistent). If you have lots of pop-up
menus and pop-up ads scattered across the page, it can be difficult and
annoying to get rid of them all so that you can actually see/use the page
content. Although this case is not as extreme, it's the same principle.
Persistent pop-up anything can be annoying, and since we're moving the pop-up
help to be next to the labels, the help text is probably going to be
overlapping the textareas in at least some cases. Imagine the user moving their
cursor across the page to get to the textarea. In the process they accidentally
activate the help text next to the label. The help text stays open even after
they have traversed the help icon since the bubble is overlapping the textarea.
They then try to click on the textarea, but instead just click the help bubble,
or worse, activate the help link by accident. The help bubbles then become
annoying mosquitoes that you have to swat away by temporarily moving your
cursor to another location.

Do you have any examples of situations in which we would actually need this?

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