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In language code, first part is language, second part is script (Mong|Han|Latn|Arab...) and the third the country, here CN (China), MN (Mongolia).... The traditional Mongolian script is mainly used in Inner-Mongolia (China), but is since few year recognized again as official language in (outer) Mongolia. it is also used in Buryatia and Kalmykia (where this should probably be respectively bua-Mong, xal-Mong, Mongolian sub-languages using uyghur-mongolian script).

So :

  • mn is used mainly for Khalkha, official (outer) Mongolia Mongol language is generally seen as standard mongolian mn.
  • mvf (peripheral mongolian) is generally used to specify that's one of the china mongolian languages. xal2
  • bua for buryat
  • xal for oriat
  • Mong is used for vertical "uyghur-mongolian" script (adapted from old-uyghur script)
  • Cyrl is used for cyrillic writing, official in Mongolia and Mongolian inhabited republics of russian federation.
  • Latn is generally used for latin transliteration ( there are case of Arab, Han transliteration too)

Mongolians use lot of writing system in their history, but that was often used for about one century and/or specific cases : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mongolian_writing_systems

uyghur mongolian, is the most used from Gengis Khan time to today (about 800 years). Manchus (and more generally several tungustic languages) use a variant of this system.

  • CN is for China
  • MN is for Mongolia
  • RU is for russian federation (I don't believe there are specific code for RF republics).



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