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Wow, that's a lot of information. ;-) Thank you very much.

I did a search on our global code base:

  • MediaWiki does have support for many …-cyrl and …-latn locales.
  • There is never a country code attached. It's just "ku-latn", "kk-cyrl" and so on.
  • Note that everything I found is lower case. I wonder why, because the wfBCP47 function MediaWiki core provides does support normalizing these codes, and normalizes them all to upper case "ku-Latn", "kk-Cyrl" and so on.
  • I could not find a single mention of a code ending in …-mong, neither upper nor lower case.
  • I was able to find a mention of mn-mong in an old version of ULS, which derives it's data from CLDR. But this code is missing in the current version. I wonder why?

So these questions remain:

  • How "official" is mn-Mong?
  • Should we support it no matter what? What if we need to drop or change it later? Is this worth it?
  • Should we add it in lower case, to be consistent with all the other lower case codes we already support?



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