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In my opinon, as a very beginner in mongolian language, every written words I seen in dictionaries (old one like Lessig or current one), seems to match with mvf one I seen on fr.wiktionary, wrote by a french in inner-Mongolia. (China), I learned with the pronunciation of Ulanbaatar (khalkha), as that's the only one available on methods in Europe, exchanged most with few friends from this city in France).

In Inner Mongolia, I exchanged with Mongolians from Chifeng, the woman immediately said to her husband I spoke with an outer Mongolian pronunciation, but was able to understand and I understand that she said that. I exchanged during a short ride with a guy from Ordos, we can exchange some sentences without problems, we speak more in Chinese, as I have a better level in this language. Both this area are from south of inner Mongolia

In Hailaer/Hulunbuir (far north-east) I meet a teacher that has a really different pronunciation for one word I known often used in lot of songs but we only exchanged in mandarin, she only pronounced this word. She give me a wechat/weixin account with Mongolian lessons from her area, and as far I read, everything seems to match (not read a lot). I bought some chinese<=>Mongolian dictionary, from inner Mongolia at this place, there is wrote Mongolian-Chinese dictionaries in both script (Chinese and Mongol), nothing dialect specific. Every word I seen (only few for now) matches words from dictionaries of outer Mongolia.

In Chinese zh- (as zhongwen) for mandarin and it's dialects, writing is the same, pronunciation _expression_ are different.

Khalkha and Chakhar. (one of the main language in Inner Mongolia used for mvf) are only dialects of standard khalkha Mongolian), this is not fixed with characters like Chinese, so these changes in pronunciation can probably be wrote differently, I still never matched the case, but I'm a very beginner. mn is for the Standard Khalkha Mongolian, in my sense, it can be used as zh is used for standard mandarin and all the dialects of mandarin, other han chinese language use a different code too (yue for Cantonese, wuu for Wu (Shanghai and around), nan for Minnan....

[[Mongolian language]] article in English, seems to confirm that. It should be nice to have at least this, for first and extend later if needed for mvf, and bua/xal that are different Mongolian languages. In the previous post, I forgot to say that Oirat is also spoken in different region of China (Xinjiang, Qinghai).



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