Il 30/mar/2014 12:30 "rupert THURNER" <> ha scritto:
> Great to hear, Luca. If you are doing the technical part, who is the
person to speak to for the project and licensing?

There will be a representative from EAGLE for sure, since he lives in
London. My presence depends on if O get a scholarship or by my capacity of
saving some money. :)

> Gerard, if this is the first project outside of wmf concerning wikidata,
what is the first project including wmf?

Well, actually we are talking about Wikibase, which is the extension that
Wikidata uses, not Wikidata itself. This project is allegedly the first
non-WMF to use Wikibase, since the first (and only) WMF project is Wikidata.

Then again, we all know Wikibase stemmed from a WM-DE idea... :)

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