Awesome work :-). I love your use of Google Docs as a UI prototyping tool. We could really use a few more special-purpose querying tools.


On 09.03.2015 22:03, Navino Evans wrote:
Hi all,

We've been using WDQ queries a lot recently to update timelines in the
Histropedia directory and, while trying to speed up the process, I ended
up creating a very crude query generator tool over the weekend. After
getting a bit carried away with it, it seemed worth sharing as it could
actually be a handy tool for Wikidata editors, or anyone else interested
in experimenting with queries.

I have no real coding experience, so it's just made in a humble
spreadsheet! You can choose the input values for a query and the links
to Histropedia, AutoList and WDQ will update automatically.The idea is
obviously that this sort of tool should be written in Javascript by
someone who actually knows what they're doing ;) but they do work and
can easily be customised by adding more Wikidata items to the available

I've made 3 different types of query generator so far, which I'll
publish shortly as free templates on Google Sheets:

1) Date range query generator

2) People finder query generator

3) Family tree query generator

They are publicly editable spreadsheets so feel free to make a copy if
someone is using the one you land on. And certainly don't hold back if
anyone wishes to make any improvements.

I hope someone finds it useful/fun to mess around with these, but I
thought it was a nice story to share in itself - that a non-coder can
sit down and create something genuinely useful by tapping into the power
of Wikidata, and of course Magnus' amazing tools! :)





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