On 10.03.2015 14:15, Navino Evans wrote:
Cheers Fabian, Magnus!

Just had a quick look at the import-json function - looks pretty awesome
:-)  I probably won't be able to resist using it to make a mark-II mock
up at some point.

Thanks for the heads up about the upcoming Wikidata graph database, I
was aware that was in the pipeline. We'll probably crack on with trying
to make a couple of these query builders properly anyway, and make
modifications as required in the future (after learning some SPARQL by
the sounds of it!).

This should be a minor issue. SPARQL is complex, but you can create queries as in your UIs just like you do for WDQ, only using different text templates for expressing the various conditions. But once you have these, it is quite easy to use as well.

We hope that we can set up a test server very soon for people to try out SPARQL on Wikidata even before the official WMF service goes online.



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