Hi everyone,

I'd just like to announce another experimental Wikidata SPARQL endpoint [1], kindly provided by the folks at SpazioDati [2].

It contains both the simplified and the complete dumps, as per [3].
Each dump file is stored under a different named graph.
We are collecting the query logs, and will share the most frequent queries.


[1] http://wikisparql.org/
[2] http://spaziodati.eu/en/
[3] http://tools.wmflabs.org/wikidata-exports/rdf/exports/20150223/

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On 3/20/15 2:08 PM, Markus Kroetzsch wrote:
>Dear all,
>Thanks to the people at the Center of Semantic Web Research in Chile
>[1], we have a very first public SPARQL endpoint for Wikidata running.
>This is very preliminary, so do not rely on it in applications and
>expect things to fail, but you may still enjoy some things.
You have a SPARQL that provides access to Wikidata dumps loaded into an
RDF compliant RDBMS (in this case a Virtuoso RDBMS instance). I emphasis
"a" because "the first" isn't accurate.

There are other endpoints that provide access to Wikidata dumps:

[1]http://lod.openlinksw.com/sparql  -- 61 Billion+ RDF triples culled
from across the LOD Cloud (if you lookup Wikidata URIs that are objects
of owl:sameAs relations you'll end up in Wikidata own Linked Data Space)

[2]http://wikidata.metaphacts.com/sparql  -- another endpoint I
discovered yesterday .

Marco Fossati
Twitter: @hjfocs
Skype: hell_j

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