It is rather clear that everyone wants Wikidata to also support Wiktionary,
and there have been plenty of proposals in the last few years. I think that
the latest proposals are sufficiently similar to go for the next step: a
break down of the tasks needed to get this done.

Currently, the idea of having Wikidata supporting Wiktionary is stalled
because it is regarded as a large monolithic task, and as such it is hard
to plan and commit to. I tried to come up with a task break-down, and
discussed it with Lydia and Daniel, and now, as said in the last office
hour, here it is for discussion and community input.

I think it would be really awesome if we would start moving in this
direction. Wiktionary supported by Wikidata could quickly become one of the
crucial pieces of infrastructure for the Web as a whole, but in particular
for Wikipedia and its future development.

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