What you get on a Wiktionary page is a description of words in several
languages with that particular spelling. Of course 1 spelling can also be
several words in 1 language already.

It's at the level of the definition that one can link to the current
Wikidata. Provided Wikidata wants to have entries for all those
definitions. I'm not very active in Wiktionary anymore, but a template
pointing to wikidata might make sense on the Wiktionary page.

Of course you'd prefer to link in the other direction. I guess a separate
wikibase with links to WD would be better. Can those query languages query
across more than 1 wikibase?

If they can, it may make sense to put our 'meta-data' of Openstreetmap in a
dedicated wikibase too, but that's another discussion.


2015-05-07 12:03 GMT+02:00 Smolenski Nikola <smole...@eunet.rs>:

> Citiranje Gerard Meijssen <gerard.meijs...@gmail.com>:
> > The interwiki links to Wiktionary are from an interwiki point of view
> > EXTREMELY easy to do. The problem with those links is that they cannot be
> > uniquely linked to existing items to Wikidata and thereby it becomes
> > unrealistic to do it in a meaningful way at this time.
> >
> > Wiktionary has one article for multiple lemmas in multiple languages and
> > they are based on the way they are written NOT on being about a subject.
> Would it be possible to ask the Wiktionary community to stop with this
> practice?
> I have never understood why is it done in the first place, never saw any
> benefit
> from it, nor known who came with the idea and why.
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