Hi folks

I have put some aquatic insect resources online in WE and I'm considering a 
new one.

The idea is an aquatic invertebrate key...point and click with lots of 

All traditional identification keys essentially work the same way...paired 
questions that walk you through the identification process.  But imbedded 
in this process, and ignored in a paper key, there is some binary logic.  
Each insect either has or has not got each of several characteristics.  I 
think my first draft will be similar to the traditional, time honored key.

But....I think that I can make the process more efficient by building some 
mug shot pages.  The idea will be to have panels of 4 images and have users 
click on the best match.  Most people can tell if they have a snail, an 
insect, a worm, or an arachnid. My thinking is that 4 pictorial choices 
could rapidly take a person through the process and reduce some frustration 
for beginners.

Also built into all organism classifications we have nested groups.  
Several species within each genus; some genera within each family.....etc.  
I wonder if I need to build that into file structure?  Or would that be 
better handled using Wiki categories and sub categories?

Any thoughts or suggestions before I begin?



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