Bangkok is not only an excellent geo location for a conference, the cost of 
living here  in this ultra modern city is only one sixth of that of the Western 
and Westernised world (that will raise a smile for the WMF), and it is, due to 
Thailand's very old and very special 3-gender  culture, possibly the most LGBT 
friendly city in the world.


> On 17Oct, 2016, at 01:04, Amir Ladsgroup <> wrote:
> We talked about this in the LGBT meetup in Wikimania several times. As far as 
> I remember it is a huge concern for coordinators and Wikimania committee when 
> considering a bid for Wikimania. IIRC, there are several examples that 
> situation of LGBT laws was a reason to reject a bid.
> So I assure you Wikimania committee is aware of these issues and keeps this 
> in their mind when deciding on bids. (I must note I'm not in these 
> committees. I talked about it with them before as a member of Wikimedia LGBT)
> I'm really saddened by the stupid laws made by ignorance of people. Let's 
> laugh at it and then educate them: 
> <> :)
> Best
> On Sun, Oct 16, 2016 at 8:57 PM Pine W < 
> <>> wrote:
> Hi Pax,
> My understanding is that WMF is doing a strategic review of Wikimania. If 
> that is correct, considerations like the ones you raise about location could 
> be included in the scope of that review. I'm pinging Ellie with the hope that 
> she can provide information about the status of WMF's thinking about 
> Wikimania, perhaps in a new thread. Wikimania involves significant amounts of 
> time and money, and I am hoping that WMF will develop ways to align Wikimania 
> with WMF and community strategic goals.

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