Dear all,

We had planned to have a presentation clinic for speakers at Wikimania, but
unfortunately the leader had to cancel at the last moment. So
instead...since I imagine lots of people are finishing their talks this
weekend, let's share our best advice for giving a presentation with each

My tips are:

1) Practice! Even going through your talk once in front of a mirror can
help a lot.

2) Share your slides with someone else and see what they think

3) Screenshots are VERY difficult to see at the back of the room -
especially screenshots of Wikipedia, because the text is so small &
everything is blue & white. Instead, enlarge the portion of the screen you
want to show, highlight it with color, or convey it in some other way (like
typing out the statistic you want to show).

4) Don't bring too many slides! Most talks at Wikimania are 25 minutes.
That is very short! Plan for one minute per slide - at least - so no more
than 15 slides if you also leave time for questions and discussion.

5) give us your big ideas first. What is your "take away message"?

6) Don't forget to introduce yourself! What is your affiliation? why are
you giving this talk?

More tips are here:
Add your own, or reply here.

see you very soon!
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