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> Thanks for sharing!
> While some may be concerned that their vocabulary is too limited - the
> opposite warning must be provided for native speakers. It is often easier to
> follow a non-native speaker, because they are aware of their limitations.
> Especially native speakers have the tendency to speak too fast, push in too
> much content in their presentation and rush through it.

I was literally about to post this. :)

If you *are* a native speaker - please prepare just as well as if you
were speaking in another language, even if you normally "wing it" when
presenting to a native-English audience.

Listening in a second language takes far more effort than listening in
your native language, so please make life easy for your audience!

Record yourself speaking and write down what you actually said. Then
work out how you can cut out subordinate clauses (anything in commas
or parentheses), and try to write in simple past / present / future
tenses where you can.

If you speak in clear English then more people will understand.


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