I've been somewhat following this conversation - and this is totally trivial, but, I love WikiTravel, use it whenever I do travel, and actually, it was the first wiki I wrote content for (I used to only do gnomish things on Wikipedia).[1]

I still, to this very day, remember the first time I was given a compliment for my work on WikiTravel, by the co-founder, and that was before they had adverts. It's one of the examples I frequently use about how important praise on-wiki is. (It helped me stick around!)

I'd frankly be all about WikiTravel, and would really be interested in seeing it be a part of the Wikimedia community, especially so I can contribute to it ad free ;) . I know it'd open us up to a whole new can of COI worms, I think it'd make for a really valuable resource and give paid services and Frommer's/Lonely Planets a run for their "money."


[1] http://wikitravel.org/en/User:Missvain

On 4/10/12 1:27 PM, James Heilman wrote:
Yes WikiTravel has some poorly sourced pages that ramble on. However so
does Wikipedia. The solution is to increase the size of the community and
quality will increase with time. We did not always have
strike referencing guidelines. To get this project to grow we need to get
it based in an environment where it can grow.

The Spanish Wikipedia, if I remember correctly, threatened to split off in
2004 due to Wikipedia having no solid non profit foundation. Those are WT
have the same concerns. They do not want all their volunteers efforts going
to the bottom line of a for profit (Internet Brands). And would anyone
blame them. If we within the Wikimedia Movement want to see this content
improved we should welcome them into the WMF. We have 20 editors supporting
this proposal as of April 10th, 2012.

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