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1) A merger within a WMF project is supported by admins from both WT and WV. WV is going to be meeting on the possibility of merging June 9th in

2) Wikimedia's mission is to provide freely available educational content I am not sure which "WMF principles" you do not see such a site as being compatible with? You mention that a good travel guide selects information. A good encyclopedia sections information as well. I am not sure why we would encounter any differences? We deal with spam here on Wikipedia all
the time.

2a) Not catering to a specific audience is one of the criticisms of
Wikipedia. The proposed travel guide would write for a general audience.
Wikipedia has written for a general audience with some success.

I actually do not have an opinion on whether Wikitravel should or should not be accepted as a WMF prtoject (I am currently leaning to the opinion it should). I just pointed out obvious problems. I maintain a travel guide website since 2004, and I know the issues are not so easy to resolve, especially the audience. This is why they have so many printed guidebook series IRL, and this is why I only used two or three of these series in my life (and other travelers use something else and under no circumstances would use what I use). These issues should be analyzed very carefully before the actual decision has been made.


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