James Heilman wrote:
> The Spanish Wikipedia, if I remember correctly, threatened to split off in
> 2004 due to Wikipedia having no solid non profit foundation.

I don't think you remember correctly at all. The Spanish Wikipedia's history
is covered here: <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spanish_Wikipedia>. In 2002,
responding to a proposal to add advertising to the site, members of the
Spanish Wikipedia created a fork called Enciclopedia Libre. (The proposal
was ultimately rejected, of course.) I believe this is what you're referring

> If we within the Wikimedia Movement want to see this content improved we
> should welcome them into the WMF. We have 20 editors supporting this proposal
> as of April 10th, 2012. https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wiki_Travel_Guide

I think it's fair to note that a large percentage of those 20 editors are
Wikitravel administrators. The question is not whether members of Wikitravel
want to be incorporated into a Wikimedia Foundation wiki, the question is
whether a travel guide wiki fits within Wikimedia's scope. I'm not sure it
does. The page on Meta-Wiki seems to lack any explanation of the educational
value of such a project. It instead derails advertising and makes a few
generic statements that would be true of any project addition ("increase the
number of Wikimedians," etc.).

If you're serious about seeing it become the next Wikimedia sister project,
I'd focus on making a better case for how it falls within Wikimedia's scope.


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