Although I can understand the appeal of this concept, I am concerned
that a deleted-articles wiki or site will perpetuate the publicity
given to pages that are properly deleted from Wikipedia because they
contain offensive personal attacks, harassment, cyberbullying,
defamation, and BLP violations. These are not always flagged in the
deletion grounds, especially in speedy situations (e.g. if a harassing
or defamatory article does not assert the subject's notability, it
will often be deleted on that ground without its being tagged as an
attack page, etc.). This issue strikes me as extremely serious. How do
you plan to address it?


On 6/10/12, Mike  Dupont <> wrote:
> Hi,
> I have launched , it is updated every 30 minutes
> with the proposed deletions and speedy deletion articles (not notable and
> hoaxes, not others).
> it is running on the the sources for the script are all
> on git hub and are a merger of pywikipediabot and the wikiteam codebases.
> hope you enjoy it,
> thanks,
> mike
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