On 21 July 2012 22:33, Mike  Dupont <jamesmikedup...@googlemail.com> wrote:
> John, and others.
> I have finally figured out a big problem with my plan. The articles for
> deletion are not tagged peoperly at all. There are authors who know for a
> fact that articles are mistagged and have no proper copyvio tagging, and
> now they are accusing me of hosting copyvio articles. I see this a problem
> in the wikipedia deletion system, if an editor knows for a fact that an
> articles is in violation of copyright then they should tag it as Such. I
> have written scripts to strip out artilces that are properly tagged. Lets
> sit down and work out a plan for a proper system of sorting out what is not
> notable, and waht is copyrightvio.

Not going to happen. The reality is that people deleting articles are
going to opt for the option that takes the least effort on their part.
And A7 beats out G12 in that case. The other issue is that OTRS, who's
opinions we care about a lot more, complain when people go the other
way (deleting things as copyvios rather than going through AFD).


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