John, and others.

I have finally figured out a big problem with my plan. The articles for
deletion are not tagged peoperly at all. There are authors who know for a
fact that articles are mistagged and have no proper copyvio tagging, and
now they are accusing me of hosting copyvio articles. I see this a problem
in the wikipedia deletion system, if an editor knows for a fact that an
articles is in violation of copyright then they should tag it as Such. I
have written scripts to strip out artilces that are properly tagged. Lets
sit down and work out a plan for a proper system of sorting out what is not
notable, and waht is copyrightvio. I want to host the non notable artilces.
My argument is that giving non-notable bands and actors etc an outlet to be
hosted will reduce repeated reposting of articles. I have been sorting
through all these articles, contacting people and many of them are
thankful, I would be suprized if any of them would repost the deleted
article, like the Jack Psyco from .au, someone reposted his article many
many times.
Please support me in cleaning up the deletion and tagging process, I am
willing to put some work into this. I can write code as well.
Some people have asked me not to use the mailing list, but I wanted to
bring up this up in response to your mail.

Please see

On Mon, Jun 11, 2012 at 8:00 AM, John Vandenberg <> wrote:

> I think we need to ensure that BLP deletions are tagged appropriately.
> and this wikia needs to err on the side of caution in order to avoid
> causing subjects further grief in their pursuit to remove problematic
> content from Wikipedia.  i.e. if someone jumps through all the hoops
> to *help* us remove problematic content from Wikipedia, they are not
> going to be happy to learn that the same content has appeared on Wikia
> - its confusing, and they will blame Wikipedia, and IMO they are right
> to do so as this Wikia is run by people in the Wikimedia community,
> and due to the overlap in the WMF board and Wikia board, now and
> historically.
> e.g. this AFD mentioned "WP:BLP1E" and was categorised into "AfD
> debates (Biographical)"
> Until we are confident that BLP problems are not being imported into
> the wikia, the content shouldnt be indexed.  I assume  __NOINDEX__
> works on Wikia?
> On Mon, Jun 11, 2012 at 2:15 PM, Newyorkbrad <>
> wrote:
> > Although I can understand the appeal of this concept, I am concerned
> > that a deleted-articles wiki or site will perpetuate the publicity
> > given to pages that are properly deleted from Wikipedia because they
> > contain offensive personal attacks, harassment, cyberbullying,
> > defamation, and BLP violations. These are not always flagged in the
> > deletion grounds, especially in speedy situations (e.g. if a harassing
> > or defamatory article does not assert the subject's notability, it
> > will often be deleted on that ground without its being tagged as an
> > attack page, etc.). This issue strikes me as extremely serious. How do
> > you plan to address it?
> >
> > Newyorkbrad
> >
> > On 6/10/12, Mike  Dupont <> wrote:
> >> Hi,
> >> I have launched , it is updated every 30
> minutes
> >> with the proposed deletions and speedy deletion articles (not notable
> and
> >> hoaxes, not others).
> >> it is running on the the sources for the script are
> all
> >> on git hub and are a merger of pywikipediabot and the wikiteam
> codebases.
> >> hope you enjoy it,
> >> thanks,
> >> mike
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