2) The X ray tech who took the image

> 3) The person / institution who paid to have the image taken
>  a) The HMO or patient if in the USA
>  b) The government if in many parts of the world
> 4) The doctor who ordered the image
> 5) The doctor who read the image
> 6) The hospital / shareholders of the hospital who owns the equipment
> 7) All of the above / some of the above / none of the above
I'd suggest; 7.

The person who took the image, by the skilled use of X-Ray equipment
probably holds copyright.

But the image may be covered by data protection laws, and the employees
contract may also deal with things such as these.

And finally the individual being imaged as personality/privacy rights.

So; copyright with the tech, but that is only the tip of the iceberg :)

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