On 7 September 2012 20:47, Thomas Dalton <thomas.dal...@gmail.com> wrote:
> On 7 September 2012 20:40, Daniel Zahn <dz...@wikimedia.org> wrote:

>> Well, it's "Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike", so will have to
>> attribute Wikitravel and the original author(s) on every single page.
>> http://wikitravel.org/shared/Copyleft

> Why attribute Wikitravel? The license only requires the author to be
> attributed, not the first publisher. Ideally, content will be copied
> across with the page history intact, which will constitute the
> appropriate attribution (in the same way it does on Wikipedia). I
> haven't been following too closely - are there any dumps available? It
> seems unlikely it will be possible to get any now (I doubt IB can be
> compelled to provide one).

People have been taking dumps of every page and its history, in
preparation for forking. This was inspired by Internet Brands being
reluctant to actually put up database dumps.

- d.

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