Nemo, I think someone posted a list of good questions in this thread awhile back. I tried to find them but I gave up after ten minutes. If you can find them would you please repost them? If you can't find them either then I'd ask you to repeat the questions that you remember and think are most important.

Hi Pine,

do you mean these:

1) Who made the decision to remove adminship from all community
2) Why did you make this decision now? What changed?
3) Who precisely (what department) is responsible for the maintenance
of the wiki, and why didn't they perform their roles before?

4) For how long has the decision of removing adminship from those
community members been discussed behind the closed door of the WMF,
and who participated in that discussion?

5) what measures
are to be taken to exclude this in the future, and 6) how can we
continue assuming good faith and be nice to each other.

I do not recollect any other lists of questions.


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