Am 16.06.2013 15:24, schrieb Johan Jönsson:

I would say our experience is that it doesn't affect the number of human
editors at all in any way.

Hi Johan, Anders Wennersten says:

And as shown earlier we have learned that this actually helps recruting and keeping editors


It is difficult to draw conclusions about user behavior. The more difficult it is to say something about the behavior of persons, which are not yet detectable part of the community.

Because it's probably the most difficulty to make predictions about facts that take place in the future.


A couple of people run bots that create very
short articles about taxons or other stuff that, to be honest, probably
wouldn't have been created otherwise. These articles have very few readers.
Why on Earth would this discourage us?

Our main problem is that browsing Swedish Wikipedia using the "random
article" button isn't as fun as it used to be. That's probably fixable.

//Johan Jönsson
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