I am happy to see that you, as well as Hubertl, is happy to go on as you always have done. I do not have the ambition to change your view on life, but to reach out to others open to the new opportunities that automation gives us in better reahing our aim free knowledge for all

The base fact figures for sv:wp is
Increase of views +23% on yearly basis, WM:DE +3, WMF:Fr +8 (all mature wikipediauser communities), nl with +14 and wm:it with +16 also very good figures (Spain Russia, and Portugal still in a built up phase have higher numbers) http://stats.wikimedia.org/EN/TablesPageViewsMonthlyCombined.htm

Editor >1 and >5 somewhat up or stable, new editor up in Jan, Feb, March, but down in April (eastertime) http://stats.wikimedia.org/EN/TablesWikipediaSV.htm

For my statement though I base it on that I 24/7 monitor ALL edits (there is around 50 in 15 min, 500 on 2,5 h, longer during night). And I have observed the effect of introducing our lakearticles (these are made up from three sources containing more then 100 different items of data, see for example http://sv.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lista_%C3%B6ver_insj%C3%B6ar_i_Ljungby_kommun where you can pick any or from the googlemap can find any from its place). And here I find after these are created a flur of new edits in old articles (as well as these) many from earlier more passive contributers users, and even some new. And there are photo safaris now being discussed to take photos of some of all these lakes (we find that to work with articles close to your home seems to be very simulating)


Federico Leva (Nemo) skrev 2013-06-18 08:05:
Hubertl, 18/06/2013 07:00:
Hi Johan, Anders Wennersten says:

And as shown earlier we have learned that this actually helps recruting
and keeping editors


It is difficult to draw conclusions about user behavior. The more
difficult it is to say something about the behavior of persons, which
are not yet detectable part of the community.

Because it's probably the most difficulty to make predictions about
facts that take place in the future.

Well, sv.wiki has just volunteered to be your guinea pig as the first botpedia after Volapuk. :) I think it will be possible to make at least some simple stats like how many new editors we got with first edit on one of these articles, what's their retention etc. If the experiment fails, we may see mass-deletion of a million bot articles in a few years: it wouldn't be the first time, deleting is very easy.


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