That's been a very complex issue. Henrique will bring more context into

For now, it's worth mentioning the Portuguese Wikipedia community has been
working on this antivandalism project
order to build alternative measures to deal with vandalism and
inappropriate edits with a very small portion of the community reverting
edits - considering the short and mid terms.

They are already aware that even the return of emergency CAPTCHA won't be a
definite measure (lasting no more than one year, as per what was agreed)
and are handling to create other ways of preventing inappropriate content
through new approaches.

I actually believe that's a good idea and am happy to see there has been a
lot of work on that - out of comfort zone, but also conscious of the
current limitations in place.


On 6 July 2013 20:22, Federico Leva (Nemo) <> wrote:

> Asaf Bartov, 06/07/2013 23:51:
>  To be precise, the facts do not show that.  They show the CAPTCHA is
>> responsible for significantly fewer good-faith contributions from casual
>> editors.  That is is or is not a "bad idea", however, is a subjective
>> judgment, based on one's weighing of multiple factors.
>> Evidently, large parts of the PTWP community remain convinced that the
>> downsides of not having the CAPTCHA (easier vandalism? admin workload? --
>> I'm not really following that debate) outweigh the upsides.
> It's worth noting, among other things, that the vote in question ended
> just before the stats were released.
> Nemo
>  You (and I)
>> may well disagree, but let's recognize that this depends on our _judgment_
>> of priorities.
>> Whether or not an editing community's mandate for self-governance should
>> extend to the right to make such a fundamentally anti-wiki measure as the
>> emergency CAPTCHA feature a permanent one is debatable, of course.
>>     Asaf
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