Tim Starling wrote:
>Note that CAPTCHAs have now been re-enabled on the Portuguese
>Wikipedia. Erik made the decision, in response to on-wiki consensus. I
>deployed the change just now.

Lest there be any confusion or doubt: this is a Bad Thing. We should take
this time to explicitly state here (or even re-state here, it's important)
that using CAPTCHAs in this way is a fundamental violation of our core
principles, particularly site accessibility and openness.

As a compromise measure between wiki sovereignty and autonomy and our
deeply held values, there's been a temporary reinstatement of the CAPTCHAs
on the Portuguese Wikipedia for the remainder of 2013. After December 31,
2013, these CAPTCHAs will be re-disabled. Hopefully no other wiki will
feel the need to invoke such a drastic measure ever again.


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