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> And what happened to 'assume good flavor'... I mean faith! Assume Good
> Faith! I am sure that Rory has only the best intentions. But it is true
> that his message could be misinterpreted.
> I think we should all take a step back and try our very best not to eat
> each other. I'm sure that if they don't meet over lunch -- and perhaps
> ensure the expedient measure of living on different floors -- Rory and Tux
> can be professional colleagues, with the same mission of delicious,
> delicious (fish-flavored?) free knowledge.
> -- phoebe

I am extraordinarily confused to the point that I had to double check my
inbox that this is a Wikimedia-l thread.

Is this **humor** taking place here?

If so, it is off-topic and I would like to see this thread moderated.  We
don't deserve to giggle :)


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