On Mon, Jul 15, 2013 at 1:23 AM, Chris Keating
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> Maybe that's an idea - I am just imagining Brandon in firefighter uniform,
> James Forrester in the uniform of a Beefeater guarding the Tower of London,
> and the whole of Legal in Special Forces cammo led by Geoff carrying a
> pearl-handled Colt and chomping on a cigar.

Speaking of special forces, last time I looked on the third floor at
our resident office penguins, they looked like this:


Rory is right, penguins are probably very flavorful. But they're also
birds - angry birds. And they have strength in numbers going for them.

I think the middle one is saying: "That's a nice stuffed tiger you got
there .. would be a _shame_ if something happened to it."

(Rumor has it that HR is soon going to introduce a new caring and
loving penguin into the habitat. Perhaps the HR penguin can mediate
should matters escalate quickly.)


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