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> Victor Grigas wrote:
> > This was because much of the material surrounding the video was
> > written in English, and there was a lot of it, so translation would
> > have been slow, expensive and prone to error.
> That's what community translations are perfect for; they are free (in terms 
> of licence) and gratis (in terms of WMF costs), and if properly managed might 
> be quick in creation and might not contain too many errors (just require a 
> peer review before publishing).
> > We learned that YouTube does not count views from embedded videos on
> > external sites. (The actual view count for that video is more like
> > around half a million views.)
> My Wikipedia nature tells me to ask you for a source that can back up these 
> claims; both for the number of views and the fact that YouTube does not count 
> views from videos embedded in <iframe /> elements. I'd personally be very 
> suprised if they didn't; lots and lots of websites include their videos that 
> way, and not counting views would result in serious miscalculations that 
> would go into tens (or perhaps hundreds) of millions.


>          Tomasz
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