Well, all I know is that we have a couple million instances of {{hat}} and
{{hab}} unbalanced templates, which are used daily on hundreds of pages,
and they serve a very important function.


On 29 July 2013 22:58, Marc A. Pelletier <m...@uberbox.org> wrote:

> On 07/29/2013 10:02 PM, Rschen7754 wrote:
> > If I'm reading this right, it *would* cause massive problems on the
> English Wikipedia
> Oh, it *would* if the syntax was just disabled outright!
> Now, if it were me that was in charge of fixing wiki markup, this is
> what I would do:
> (a) require that syntactic elements opened in a template be closed in
> that template during transclusion* (without a change in code now; i.e.:
> deprecate but not enforce yet).
> (b) provide a mechanism by which templates which do this are
> categorized/marked and otherwise findable.
> (c) wait suitably long
> (d) convert current invalid (according to (a) and identified by (b))
> syntax by substituting still transcluded templates inline (thus not
> breaking content)
> (e) delete/blank/comment out those templates
> (f) render the previous syntax invalid (by implicitly closing any
> syntactic construct at the end of transclusion)
> (g) provide a list of all the subst done in part (d) to the community so
> that automated tools can fixup/convert/cleanup with new markup/LUA where
> applicable.
> Hopefully, whatever the delay in (c) is would need to be long enough
> that the more egregious cases or complicated templates have time enough
> to be transitioned manually, leaving the following subst/cleanup to take
> care of edge cases and little used templates where the disruption is
> nowhere as bad.
> -- Marc
> * This would include, indirectly, the "code fragment" templates like
> Erik describe since they contain fragments meant to be interpreted in
> the context of an open syntactic element** -- those are trickier to
> /find/, but (f) would make them pointless.
> ** Making, potentially, a giant leap towards making wikimarkup
> context-free which would solve so many problems with parsoid it's not
> even funny.
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