On Tue, Sep 3, 2013 at 12:23 AM, Fred Bauder <fredb...@fairpoint.net> wrote:

> Their orders would be classified; disclosure of them would be a crime.
> Not a problem for us, but a big problem for staff on the ground in China.

Indeed, I believe it may even be outright life threatening to have
strong connection to WMF China operation.

And as a sidenote it's the same in the US and the world in general
(and I do not know about the US but isn't it so that WMF can be forced
not to tell about data extraction). And let's face it: https is like a
5 mm diameter wire lock against a skilled bike thief. It is there but
will not stop skilled adversaries. But, obviously, that'd be also
classified, so I haven't mentioned it. Google it around.


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