> On 09/03/2013 08:36 AM, Fred Bauder wrote:
>> Any censor from the United States or European governments that works
>> directly with us (I have no personal knowledge of this, I just know it
>> has to be) is concerned with classified information, not someone's
>> opinions or factual information about historical events or political
>> personalities.
> You have an optimism and faith in your government(s) that is, sadly, not
> justified by history (past and recent).  The blanket "classified" (or,
> more recently "national security") has and is being used to cover up
> "embarrassing" more often than not.
> -- Marc

There is legitimate classified material just as there is child
pornography. Abusive nonsense does not make that fact go away. Someone,
actually, many someones, need to be trusted.


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