On Thursday, September 5, 2013, rupert THURNER wrote:

> Personally i think this is a bad idea, especially with respect to all the
> nsa discussions. If wmf is not able to host it might be hosted by one of
> the chapters, or wikinews might accept a new article type "blog", what you
> think?
Cool idea, but maybe Wikipedia, Wikibooks, Wikiversity, meta or outreach
would be a better fit mission wise?  Blog hosting would violate fundamental
Wikinews project guidelines regarding neutrality, style guidelines and
verifiability.  Thus, not a good fit for Wikinews, though I am sure if you
contact the local communities, they would appreciate the suggestion. :)
 (Maybe Spanish Wikinews would appreciate it.) If it was a serious option,
Wikinewsie.org is getting Icelandic hosting for our reporting journalism
workspace to protect our reporters...  I believe we already have a
Wordpress install, so as a potential thematic organization, The Wikinewsie
Group could be placed to assist.  We chose Icelandic hosting for a variety
of reasons that have been mentioned in previous security related

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