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> Odder has published a fantastic blog piece at
> http://twkozlowski.net/paid-editing-thrives-in-the-heart-of-wikipedia/ in
> which it is revealed that a WMF employee is engaged in undeclared paid
> editing on English Wikipedia, and charging what it appears to be $300 per
> article.
> I have cc'ed both Sue and Jimmy in on this email, but also sending to this
> list as I know they, and other WMF employees, do use this list, and I think
> it would be pertinent that they respond publicly to the issues raised here.
> It is ever so more important given that the undeclared paid editing
> occurred AFTER the whole Wiki-PR debacle (Sue's press release, WMF's
> cease-and-desist, and of course the resultant media attention).
> What do Jimmy and Sue believe should occur given that such editing violates
> Wikipedia policies and also Jimmy's so-called Bright Line Rule. In relation
> to Jimmy's line, many are still clueless as to what exactly this Bright
> Line is (it's not very bright), and how it should be applied in practice,
> so Jimmy, if you are out there, your comment is requested on that.
> Cheers,
> Russavia

I'm with David and Nathan here.

The "evidence" presented is an anonymized oDesk account and a screenshot.
Screenshots are very easily doctored, and Wikipediocracy trolls have many
reasons to attack a Wikimedian like Sarah. I wouldn't be surprised if
they'd go so far as to set up a fake account using her picture and

If you really cared about solving this, you could try emailing Sarah, her
superiors, and Sue directly. Considering many staff don't follow high
volume lists like Wikimedia-l, especially on the weekend, it's not exactly
the best way to get a response from the WMF. It is, however, a great way to
stir up bullshit drama.

I'll hold out for Sarah's comment, if she feels comfortable. Otherwise
smells like trolling.

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