>> I just ask for a chance to
>> show you guys that I can be a productive member of the WP community in
>> my own way as myself and nobody else. Fae, will you please give me
>> that chance?
> ...
> Sure. Give me a link to some articles on the English Wikipedia you
> have created, at least one being a biography of a living person, and a
> collection of your educational photos or videos on Wikimedia Commons,
> and then we can talk against the backdrop of your positive or negative
> experiences with the community on our projects, when actually trying
> to help achieve the aims of our projects.

OK, excellent. I will do my best and get back to you. Is it cool with
you if I do audio instead of photos or videos?

> At least then we can talk from your personal experience as a volunteer
> rather than a professional politician. Being seen to hastily and
> publicly jump on the most contentious and divisive bandwagon/policy
> issues only days after your partner is announced as the new CEO of the
> Foundation, does give an impression, probably not the one you or Lila
> were hoping for.

FWIW, her title is Executive Director, not CEO. Honestly, I'm less
worried about the impression I'm giving you than your getting to know
the real me. I'm very much looking forward to that.


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