> Hoi,
> Maybe... but it assumes that we have plenty of time and work sequently.
> Both are not the case and as it is, the framework is broken.to the extend
> that people refuse to use it. So yes, ideally you want to fix many issues
> nicely and in a collaborative manner. At the same time our readers are
> disappearing from our old platform and new editors are not happening on the
> old platform.

Open source has a lot of benefits. Delivering quality software '''on a
schedule''' is not one of them. But it can be done. We did it with
Zend Framework with quarterly major releases. We also turned community
sentiment around after the negative reaction to 1.0, which was
released right before I joined Zend.

I'd say that the most impactful thing we did to right the ship was
hearing people out wherever they chose to discuss ZF. We monitored all
channels of communication and responded to frustrations as quickly as
possible. Most of our comments boiled down to:

"You're right. We have a problem here. Will you help us fix it?"

In other words, we made sure we walked the walk so that we could
invite others to walk with us. And the constructive critics figured
out that walking is more fun/satisfying than all the talking. Of
course, that meant we walked away from some critics who weren't
interested in being constructive. We never looked back.

I believe this community can also turn all this dysfunction and stress
in to something positive. So, let's start walking; here's a
proposal/challenge for those who think Media Viewer isn't worthy:

Take all that time you're investing in petitioning the community and
use it to build something better than Media Viewer. A lot of you have
already identified pain points in MV and some solutions have also been
put forward; so, if you are not planning to get involved in the
project that the WMF has set up for whatever reasons, join us in
building what Media Viewer should be without the complications of
dealing with the WMF. If it turns out to be a better solution than
Media Viewer, then I suggest we create a petition to replace MV with
the community's solution. That's the kind of positive, action-oriented
petition I can sign.

I'll even kick it off. We can start listing the requirements for the
Worthy Media Viewer on this page:

So, who's ready to walk?


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