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> 3. I don't hear of a need for more staff support for Affcom from the most
> recent Grantmaking quarterly review [1], so I am not sure if and when
> this is going to happen. This may be a point that Asaf can address.

The idea of providing some staff support for the committee's work has been
discussed with AffCom, but with no conclusion so far.  It is therefore too
soon for WMF to announce or allocate any such resources.

However, it does not seem to me that staff support would address the
primary difficulty for the committee to respond in a more timely manner.
That would have to do with the generally low participation by most of its
members, an issue to be addressed by the committee itself (or the board),
and to be partly ameliorated, no doubt, by the upcoming addition of new

As you noted, the AffCom work is pretty thankless, and very few community
members take an interest in the committee's work, even from the outside,
and this is to its detriment.  Even you, as a volunteer with exceptionally
broad interests in governance and movement topics, only took an active
interest when your own group needed AffCom's approval.

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