Hi all,

A few of my friends and I have been planning to document the history of
counterculture in Bengali art and literature. These friends are also
working in that domain professionally, and have access to a huge repository
of texts, images, and other relevant details that they are willing to make
available digitally in the form of free contents. We wish to have the
contents as wikis, and, pictures and video snippets that might be involved
- as properly licensed free materials. Now, the concern is if there is some
Wikimedia Project that would host contents that are based on such an
enormous amount of original research. Wikipedia is certainly not the
appropriate place. And, as there exist no earlier works on this particular
domain on the internet, references would be negligible. I was thinking
about Wikibooks, instead. I am not entirely sure if that fits either, but I
assume it fits better than Wikipedia, at least. The last option is to host
it ourselves with the MediaWiki setup, and I am considering it very much.
But, the idea essentially is to make people edit and enrich it with as much
inputs as possible. It would be really helpful, in that case, if it could
be placed in one of the Wikimedia projects. Suggestions, of every kind,
would be deeply appreciated.

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