Hi All,

Today we're pleased to announce a new group of grantees working to increase
gender diversity in Wikimedia projects.

In early March, we announced the Inspire campaign
<https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Grants:IdeaLab/Inspire>, an initiative led
by WMF’s Community Resources team to generate new ideas to address
Wikimedia's gender gap. From 266 ideas came 42 grant proposals eligible for
consideration. After careful review by a committee of volunteer Wikimedians
and gender-focused experts, 16 projects have been recommended and approved
for funding.

The projects are experimenting with a variety of strategies: organizing
events and leveraging professional communities, institutions and
partnerships to create quality content, researching gaps in both content
and contributors, and testing approaches for training and mentorship to
better support gender diversity on-wiki. Overall, we’re particularly
pleased to see projects looking at gender in multiple ways as they work to
improve Wikipedia’s gender diversity across various contexts, and to be
supporting some returning grantees as well as many new project leaders who
identify as women or allies for increasing gender diversity.

You can also read more about the campaign and each funded project on the
Wikimedia Foundation blog

The funded projects are:

   - Wikipedian in Residence for Gender Equity
   - Gender gap admin training

   - Survey women who don't contribute

   - Wikipedia Gender Index

   - Wikipedia Buddy Group
   - Wiki Edit-a-thon Work Parties
   - More Female Architects on Wikipedia

   - Linguistics Editathon series: Improving female linguists'
   participation and representation on Wikipedia
   - Wikipedia edit-a-thon for the Aphra Behn Society
   - Wikineedsgirls
   - Gender in East Asia Wikipedia Editing
   - Full Circle Gap Protocol: Addressing the Unknown Unknowns
   - Wellington Wikipedia Meet Up - With Childcare

   - Just for the record
   - Let's fill the gender gap Workshops
   - Empowering Afrodescendant women in Wikipedia

What’s next:

We hope you'll continue to engage with these projects as they begin work in
coming months and offer your experience and ideas!

Meanwhile, our regularly scheduled grant programs continue :)

A number of ideas and grant proposals from the campaign are still in
development. Over the coming year, we'll continue to encourage people to
make changes based on feedback and our Project and Event Grants
<https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Grants:PEG> and Individual Engagement
Grants <https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Grants:IEG> programs will be happy
to continue to receive new or adjusted proposals aimed at increasing gender
diversity during regular funding cycles along with all other topics.

A full analysis of the Inspire campaign is in progress, and in coming weeks
we'll be sharing findings from a traffic analysis and a participant survey.
Stay tuned for another update in mid-May on what we learned from the
Inspire experiment, what worked, what didn't, and recommended steps for the

Many thanks to all of you that contributed to this campaign with proposals,
ideas, feedback and suggestions!


The Inspire Team

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Program Officer
Project & Event Grants
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