It has now been over a year that my email address was put on
moderation (perhaps someone would like to provide a date, I have not
trawled the archives). In the absence of any appeal process, I ask
that this is lifted.

My most recent email to this list has yet to be posted, it has been
waiting for 9 days. Waiting for several days or over a week is now the
norm for my rare posts to list. Though not one of my emails has ever
been rejected from publication, this effectively makes communication
impossible and amounts to an effective ban after being black-balled.

Based on timing, I was put on moderation apparently due to Russavia's
incivil posts to Wikimedia-l, not because of any email I have ever
posted to this list that anyone can provide a link to, nor for any
reason of incivility on my part. If I am to remain forever on
moderation I ask that a clear rationale be given so that I can change
the wording I use in emails to met whatever the list moderators
believe is needed. At the current time I am completely in the dark as
nobody will discuss this with me or provide examples.


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