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> Hi folks!
> This month one mexican federal court generated an interesting case law
> related to use of Wikipedia as source of knowledge on trials, specially in
> law resolutions. The tribunal that solved this was the "Tribunal Federal de
> Justicia Fiscal y Administrativa". This court is not the supreme court of
> Mexico but is the most important tribunal after that one in all the matter
> related to tax and administrative law and its precedents are binding for
> all mexican administrative authorities and al the judges on administrative
> and fiscal law.
> The case law is the number VII-J-SS-191 and you can read it in the next
> link:
> (only in Spanish)
> http://sctj.tfjfa.gob.mx/SCJI/assembly/detalleTesis?idTesis=41716
> The title is at the same time a brief of the content of the precedent, and
> it can be translated in this way:
> *"Wikipedia".- The information that is obtained from this website can help
> to elucidate some controversial matter, thence the courtrooms of this
> tribunal may use it when ruling.*
> Inside the text the court makes a fair clarication: "*It must not be the
> only source of knowledge in which the resolutions are based on [...] the
> judges must care about gathering diversity of sources of information such
> as specialized books, encyclopedia, including the electronic ones, [...]
> and others*."
> Maybe is just a curiosity, but for me is ilustrative of the good
> reputation that our work is getting even in some closed circles as the law
> practice. At least in Mexico is not common to see a court quoting
> Wikipedia, but maybe this first precedent might change the things.
> Do you know other similar case laws?
> Regards!
> [1]
> https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tribunal_Federal_de_Justicia_Fiscal_y_Administrativa
> --
> *Salvador Alcántar*
> *@salvador_alc*

*Salvador Alcántar*
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