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> So as part of
> https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Research:Increasing_article_coverage
> , it appears that unsolicited emails have been sent out encouraging
> people to translated articles into needed languages.
> I am all for improving article coverage, etc, but I'm concerned about
> the use of user account emails to send unsolicited mail that the user
> has not opted into. I think use of user email addresses for purposes
> other than the user has agreed to, is not ok.
I'm not really fazed by the fact that emails were unsolicited, but by the
fact that I got it in French. I don't know whether that was a glitch or a
conscious decision, but my knowledge of French is somewhere around fr-0.1,
and it made no sense to me why I got it in a language other than English. :)

Filip Maljković
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